Adebola Oyewumi. Computer engineer, Product & Product Manager.



"It's a hard knock life, and I'm loving it!"
I'm a computer engineer, product & project manager. 
As a computer engineer, I love all things computer. Servers, gadgets, software! 
As a product manager, I am primarily interested in web-based business infrastructure & management solutions, with key emphasis on business process automation.
As a project manager, I love working on roadmaps turning ideas and visions into operating concerns.
My days are spent developing Monkey Business, a unified business management system and ERP solution for modern businesses, and running Monkey Business Agency.
I love startups! All my free time is devoted to exploring means of optimizing the startup experience, and I run Ideas To Production, a private equity network focused on seed capital investments in startups. 
Want to get in touch, I can be reached here.
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